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    My Immunocompromised Daughter Is “The Kid Who Can’t Be Vaccinated”

    Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm

    Moulden-lecture During those years, he showed that many cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome were actually vaccine-related damage. His testimony freed many parents from false accusations that they had abused their infants.

    The Mainstream Media is Covering the Wrong Measles Story


    Fetal embryo fibroblast

    I know, right?


    Former Salesman For Vaccine Maker Merck & Co. Wouldn't Vaccinate His Son - YouTube


    What Opened My Eyes



    In March 2015, the latest vaccine injury court statistics (data from 2014 and 2015) is no longer reflected on the government website. articles.mercola.... Understanding Civil Rights and The Exceptions

    Nuremberg Code It is unlawful to impose a medical procedure on anyone without Informed Consent... Nuremberg Code

    Cloud seeding - Cloud seeding - Ensures Perfect Wedding Weather! Guess maybe there might be something to "Chem Trails" after all (note sarcasm)

    Official Bought Movie Trailer You have seriously GOT to watch this film! It's FREE through May 24th. Second it explains in a very easy-to-understand way exactly why GMOs should have never been approved in the first place and should --at the very least-- be labeled so that those who wish to opt out of consuming them can do so. You will also learn some other QUITE interesting things about the pharmaceutical industry and the unethical business practices they often employ. Please watch this one.

    High colon cancer risk caused by Western junk food can be reversed with healthy, high-fiber diets, study proves

    CPS Threatens To Kidnap 7 Year Old in California When Parents Try to Transfer to Different Hospital

    Vaccine Package Inserts - Read before you take the little one to the doctor

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