Explore Sea Urchins, Sea Urchin Shell, and more!

Sea Urchin

Fill a glass canister with green sea urchins for a unique beach display. Create a colorful beach still life by filling one canister with green, another with pink and a third with purple, in varied canister Collections

Beyond the Human Eye: sunflower

Cross section of the stem of a soybean seedling.dicot stem cross-section

^ Aesthetically Pleasing | lotus seed pod

Nelumbo nucifera, Lotus seed head Texture- depth, smooth and rough, light and dark, intriguing. - beautiful and terrifying at the sane time - my son and I are creeped out by these.

Macro leaf pattern

TEXTURE - Macro exercise- pattern in details, that becomes as important as the whole

Exquisite Sand-Dollar Shell Fossil

sand-dollar shell fossil - the most beautiful intricate details; notice the similarities to the sea turtle shell