Ummmm.... Nooo ... not ok

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This is the most frightening thing I've seen all day.

Just a heads-up, Trish: When you guys finally have kids, Aunt Lisa plans to do this kind of thing from time to time. (Hint: You don't have a choice.

The blonde cornrows really highlight the glint off your gold teeth.<<<< pinned for this comment. Haha

yeah i agree some bitches ratchet as hell not just white girls tho . Theres a ratchet in every race .

Awkward Family Photos

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22 W.T.F. Moments That Could Only Happen At Walmart

22 W.T.F. Moments That Could Only Happen At Walmart

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brilliant. someday. i will recreate this.

vintage everyday: The Most Awkward Family Christmas Photos Ever need to trick friends into doing this


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