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"Homecoming poster idea" - For when he finally comes home! -

homecoming--It doesn't matter at all if its raining! Help us support MORE HOMECOMINGS! Visit

Deployment homecoming poster idea...except way more cute than this! I like the saying though

Homecoming sign I made for our final deployment!

4 Amazing years 3 Deployments Down 2 Many Goodbyes 1 Little Girl waiting to meet you

What a perfect deployment sign without having to tell the strangers that you're home alone now

My SO comes home in X days, im definitely bringing this poster to the airport! So excited ♥

No words necessary to describe this. Thank you to all who serve and sacrifice.

5 Tips to Successfully Photograph Military Homecomings (via MCPActions) I hope as a photographer I will have the opportunity to capture a military homecoming one day!

7 months I held you in my heart, today I will hold you in my arms @teilatate how cute is this!