I don't know if I would be so excited that I don't care about the book..or extremely angry that he hollowed it out and ignore the ring. . .


seriously could not love stephen fry more.

harry potter :)

Book Harry vs Movie Harry

Just Some Harry Potter facts. The patronus one is my favorite. I was considering putting this in my "My Geek Is Showing" board but I thought it'd fit better here

Goodness Emma and hermione u fracking queens All must bow before the great Emma Watson and hermione granger

So true.

The real life Hermione... LOL I have got to go back and look for this now.

HAHAHA! I would definitely buy that GPS!

Wow, so true.....and a testament to a mother's love....for all children.....

32 Funny Pictures with Captions

Love London!!

That time he sentenced a professor to her death. | 22 Times When Harry Potter's Bitch Face Was Better Than Yours

poor emma

Harry Potter Love.

why they cut this 1???damn it!!!

If you thought you were going to browse through Pinterest without any feels today, you are wrong.

Exactly hahaha