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    I don't know if I would be so excited that I don't care about the book..or extremely angry that he hollowed it out and ignore the ring. . .

    Proper procedure for the opening of a new book

    HP books 1-7. Love it.

    Harry Potter actors in their younger years...Must say I love Maggie and Ralph the best, but Gary's cracked me up.

    So true.

    So true!!!

    Emma Watson Made A Good Speech, But This Just Made It Even Better. ~ I think she still is a time lord, because only a time lord would wear that jacket in the last pic.<< Agreed This has cemented the fact Hermione is my favorite

    J.K. Rowling is a genius. She introduced the three brothers (the Deathly Hallows) and then carried that on with them... <3

    The real life Hermione... LOL I have got to go back and look for this now.

    Books Make Me Happy True! Sometimes the company of an interesting book is far more comforting than the company of humans

    Bahaha, so true.

    seriously could not love stephen fry more.

    Harry Potter engagement! I would just DIE if this happened to me! So cute! But in the back of my mind I would be thinking "this better not have been my book...."

    So true.

    Voldemort really should have thought this through.

    I think most people who read the books will agree. At least I do.

    Never thought of it that way!!

    What kind of sick person would make something like this...? Brb. Crying

    Seriously, 2 movies for the book and you still couldn't find room? Books are always better

    Who takes the time to realize this stuff?