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‘Zombotimus Prime’ Framed Print by Dr-Twistid

Dr. Twistid Bringer Uv Nightmares

This is my alter ego Dr. Twistid. He has the power to conjure up all kinds of creepy crawlies that make your skin crawl. I did this piece back in 2014 but figured I would share one of my favorite pieces of my namesake with you. This was done on 9 x 12 paper with black ink. Want to see more of my art then please go to Otherwise wait here and some more will show up :) Thanks so much for your support!

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The Simpsons UnDOHed

I did this painting back in 2011 of the Simpsons as zombies. I called it The Simpsons UnDOHed. I put out a parody book of a bunch of American icons as zombies and it was called Dr. Twistid's Morgue Meat. I think I only have one copy left but anyway this was part of that series. I finally put the originals up for sale and this one sold today. I'm sad to see it go but glad someone liked it enough to buy it. I truly appreciate all the support I get from my fans. If your reading this then I…

Check it out y'all! Pre-Order info for Dr. Twistid's Tasty Treats New Artbook is in this video! Pre-Orders are from now (11-08-14) until Thanksgiving! Thanks so much for your support!

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‘Pee Wee's Undead Playhouse’ Art Print by Dr-Twistid

Original Art 10 x 8 Inches Monster Freak Blood Canvas Board Painting Dr Twistid #IllustrationArt