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Resolution) The resolution of the story would be announcing that her "special day" is ruined. "There'll be candles and presents and everybody sing Happy Birthday...only it's too late." (Cisneros 2)

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Climax) The climax of the story would be Rachel bursting in tears in front her classmates. "That's when everything I've been holding in since this morning." (Cisneros 2) She could no longer hold her emotions in but to let it out like a three year-old.

Step 1: The title of Eleven shows that it can be about her age. The story can show how us how fun or horrible her eleventh birthday was.

Step 3: The birthdays. "I'm eleven today. I'm eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one" (Cisneros 2). her Birthdays are important because it keeps relating to her past, how all that merges when the sweater incident happens showing how others have the power over her because she is different in a way. The Balloon represents all her caged in emotions that she sent away flying and to see it you have to close your eyes because she locked it wanting no one to ever see…

Step 1: The title relates to the story because Rachel shares her experience and her thoughts on turning eleven and her view on birthdays in general.

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Eleven by Sandra Cisneros- Guided Reading Unit

This all inclusive unit on Eleven by Sandra Cisneros helps students fully comprehend the story, its literary elements, and its messages and themes. It spirals in point of view, context clues, dialogue, similes, plot, & more!