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    Big Jim & Smokey Joe :: The magic starts after she tells him, "Why don't you pretend it tastes like pssy and shut up." The story's only about ten minutes long. It's wonderful. Trust me.

    Turntable Slipmat: The Moon by PorchlightCoffee on Etsy

    From the Seattle Opera Fan page. I cannot stop laughing!

    Currents by Eisley

    macklemore & ryan lewis :: make the money (on chase jarvis live)

    la vie en rose :: duo gadjo. i think it's the string bass part that makes me fall in love with this song all.over.again.

    we send the most brilliant people into space, and i think it's absolutely wonderful when they treat us with a glimpse of what makes them so brilliant... col. chris hadfield sings an adapted version of "space oddity" by david bowie. in space. because he can. and he did.

    lisa loeb :: stay (i missed you)

    athlete :: superhuman touch

    it's all a crazy and impossible idea that will never work...until someone does it. here's charles hazlewood's paraorchestra.

    piazzolla. members of the berlin philharmonic let loose with a little bit of tango.

    m83 :: steve mcqueen

    "harder better faster stronger" :: mike tompkins covers daft punk. and he does *all* of the "instruments."

    and while i'm on a "pitch perfect" kick (i may or may not have a weee little crush on anna kendrick), here's mike tompkins + cast + internet with a super fun cover of "starships."

    if airlines are the source of my musical adventures, then i'm quite alright with that :: boy - little numbers (i heard this one on a lufthansa commercial).

    constrain yourself [sola rosa :: spinning top]

    mike tompkins dubstep a capella remix :: skrillex cinema & santigold disparate youth. sh!t yeah.

    beck's new album is 20 songs in sheet music form and it's up to you to record them.

    a different (and wonderful) take on a much-covered song...

    close your eyes and believe you're the country girl that takes a hidden 1956 sunbeam from a farmhouse, left underneath a fl ood of discolored leaves in an abandoned garage. when the april showers fade and the nouveau riche hit the casinos of monaco, the elite look around for that woman of style and substance. "riviera life" is but a dream, but for the evening about to come, that dream is possible. maybe even for the weekend. :: caro emeerald

    i don't care what you say; this is badass: jimmy fallon, carly rae jepsen & the roots sing "call me maybe" (w/ classroom instruments. i'm also using this as a plug for the importance of music education. i mean seriously, it *can* be this cool!)

    tristan prettyman :: love love love

    a whole ton of clever. foster the people :: houdini.

    "i don't know," a smiley cutesey song by lisa hannigan.

    local (seattle) artist tae phoenix sings "i loved you then."