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What an amazing room. Love all the subtle colours and textures ..... the rug, the chairs, the cushions !

likin the blue/white combo, but especially love all the underlying pattern and texture, even though the main pieces are solid

Love this 'wall o' pictures' look. Anything goes with this trend! I've started my own in my place, and I love where it's going.

Fancy stair case is an amazing background for elegant piano

pretty. living room and kitchen right by each other - love the kitchen and crown molding.

I don't normally like lots of pink in decorating, but in the case of this room, I kind of love it.

piano room....I need one of these in my future home...forget Guests they can have the living room!! lolol

Pretty space. Love the window seat, shelves and chairs. Sophisticated but not stuffy.

This is a perfect example of how contrasting color schemes can compliment each other while complimenting themselves. The rich, dark centerpiece compliments the dark trim of the backsplash and shelves. The white couches, floors and shelve framework compliment each other as well. The combination of color schemes gives a great uniformity to the room without taking away from the distinctive feel of elegance.

Whose the coolest daddy in the world? *Niell sings and dances* *Greg starts playing his piano with a wide grin* you are you are *they sing and play for a few hours enjoying each other's company*