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Inspirational Life Quotes - Kindness - Aesop | The Silver Pen

Noted speaker and breast cancer survivor, Hollye Jacobs, shares inspirational quotes including this Aesop entry about Kindness

This holds true for me forever.even though he is in Heaven :( He will always be my Love and Miss you Daddy

quotes about people who stab you in the back | stab me in the back

"Back Stabbers" are the losers! They are so weak, they only know how to throw jabs at winners!

Little Sam Wearing His New Shoes - Damn! LOL

Little Sam Wearing His New Shoes - The best funny pictures

so, have some fun...be silly, act crazy, let yourself be happy...

The body heals with play. the mind heals with laughter. and the spirit heals with joy. ~ A Proverb

yes,  I believe , with  discretion - barbarasngi

No matter what they tell you you don't have to stay within the lines. Be creative and be you.

Lol funny how people have so many problems with their family relationships but they keep blaming it on other people. Pretty hard to have relationships with someone who starts drama all the time by degrading and belittling others. Narcissism

Something to think about if you have a lot of drama in your life! I love my drama free life!

Everyone please read this.

Everyone please read this. Lost a real friend when my husband died, bless him. Lost a mom when my grand mom died. When I lost my dad, it was more like loosing a crazy high school friend. Appreciate & love those you have in your life.