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  • Sabrina Morris

    9. Summer Travel: Mendocino, CA

  • Heidi Heider

    Mendocino, California. (Scenic American Towns.) A West Coast town with East Coast style & charm. Just far enough from the cities to be quite wonderful.

  • Marisa Strickler

    Favorite place on Earth!! Mendocino is a peaceful New England-style town in northern California, located on a spectacular part of the Pacific Ocean. Route 1, a well-known scenic road, passes through Mendocino as it winds its way along the California coast.

  • Jennifer Barrette-Dath

    Mendocino Coast - Fort Bragg -

  • Carina Hathaway

    Mendocino and sea glass beach - almost every year.

  • Peggy Sanders

    Mendocino, a New England-style town in Nor Cal, located on a stunning part of the Pacific coast. I love Hwy 1 (and ciaopino)!