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  • slℯℯkitty

    The Water Discus Hotel --- A Dubai building company named Drydocks World have just signed a contract with a Swiss firm named BIG InvestConsult to develop a brand new series of underwater hotels - one of them being this Water Discus Hotel in Dubai. The design consists of two main discs, one above water and one below. This will allow guests of the 21 room hotel to make the most of the warm weather while at the same time enjoying the incredible scenes of the ocean.

  • Jeanine H

    Keep in mind this is conceptual. Plans are 'in the making' for the UnderWaterHotel!! Could you Imagine!?--DayDream & Listen Live: #boom "Water Discus underwater hotel by Deep Ocean Technology" in Dubai

  • Bit Price

    Plans for Dubai’s first underwater hotel. The Water Discus hotel has been designed by Polish company Deep Ocean Technology with help of BIG InvestConsult AG. The hotel will comprise of 2 discs - 1 under water, and one suspended above water. The discs will be connected by 5 legs, and a vertical shaft in the center.The underwater section will be up to 10 m under the sea and contain 21 double rooms adjacent to a dive center and bar. Each room is designed to integrate with the underwater world.

  • RoseyMD

    "Water Discus Hotel", which has developed highly innovative designs for an underwater hotel in Dubai - It's like the house of the Jetsons!

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