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Nerd girl problems

My coworkers/friends/family can attest to this. This is a very real nerd girl problem!<< pfft I don't see this as a problem.

You have no idea how accurate this actually is. I have so many unrealistic expectations. Depressing...

and the fictional character wins. Or Simon Lewis. Or Finnick Odair. Or Ron Weasley. Or Remus Lupin. Or Ethan Wate. Or Dimitri Belikov. Or Captain America.


And tucked in the tags/bra straps of my friends shirts which annoyed them.but now they appreciate it? (Maybe not constantly :)

Nerd Girl Problems I used to say Her-moyn instead of Her- mine- ee lol!!!

Nerd Girl Problem 364 - Pronouncing A Word Wrong Because You've Read It A Thousand Times But Never Actually Heard It Spoken.

Paperbacks vs. hardcovers

Not a nerd girl problem. A book fan problem because I know a ton of female and male nerds that hate reading they completely hate it