Window frame prototypes.


Model prototype. A mock up


prototype The archetype on which a design/object is based.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua / ultramarine blue, sunflower yellow, magenta pink

Hartmut Esslinger's "Snow White" Apple prototypes. #product #design #computers #prototype

industrial windows

Form prototyping

2012 Fenwicks Londonien Window Display

A technique for making structural frames autonomously and with readily available materials. Copper plated steel rods are used to join steel tubes. In this assembly the steel tubes are both structural elements and the tool for forming the joints.

Leather chair


Light steel windows. Love it. More my idea of what contrast is -- more organic -- especially with the plants outside the window! I wonder where this is.

For the internet is distract-oh look a cat play grat idea--picture frame stage design - Google Search

Window of the Week.

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adidas windows 2013 Winter London

Auditorio de León by jmeijide

Foam prototype of a bus seat