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"Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it."

Gorgeous abandoned house ~ I like the way the roof overhangs the windows and the small turret. From the Facebook Community "Abandoned Asylums".

There's a certain charm to old houses like this. Kinda reminds me of a haunted house in the movies. If fixed up, I'm sure it'd be beautiful.


Amazing abandoned house. This was probably an incredibly beautiful home at one time.


Incredible abandoned house in Pennsylvania. Built in 1870, it's sat empty for decades. Who lived here? The Addams Family? LOVE old maybe even haunted houses :)

Spooky Home

If Old houses could talk, I would sit and listen to their stories...

I love this tumblr collection: The Black Hat Society. "Witches, witchcraft, The Moon, cats, curiosities, darkness, goth, magick, crows, the occult, horror, tattoos, pin-ups, corsets, wolves, paranormal, abandoned asylums, creepy stuff."

Craigends House

Abandoned house. rural Missouri

The Walloomsac Inn in Bennington, VT. http://www.oddthingsiveseen.com/2012/09/stopping-by-haunted-house-walloomsac-inn.html

An abandoned hotel in upstate New York. Such an incredible piece of discarded history.


from therebewitches.com

Abandoned home in PA

I could fix it up?

garden district, new orleans: "In other cities, as Old World cultures broke down, people became Americans. In New Orleans, as Old World cultures broke down, people became New Orleanians." --Joe Logsdon