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Heart disease real causes. current thinking about how to treat and prevent heart disease is at best misguided, and at worst harmful. We believe we are treating the causes of heart disease by lowering cholesterol, lowering blood …

What do you think you are?

Here is a fun accessory for your iPhone, iPod or player, the Stethoscope headphones from the guys over at Antrepo Design. The Stethoscope headphones ar

Nurse Hat Medicine Sign Charms Memory Locket by SizzleCityBling

Floating Charm Locket ID Badge Holders (Nurse Hat/Medicine Sign Floating Charms) by Sizzle City

She Wants the (M)D

Everyone loves a doctor, get a laugh and show off that medical degree in this humorous she wants the d parody shirt.

Schwarze Eltern bekommen weißes Baby » Der Melder

in London a Black Nigerian couple gave birth to Blue Eyed Blonde White baby DNA test proved the mother hadnt cheated and the father was in fact the Father of this child . No explanation was found - Interesting

Fracture Types

Different Types of Bone Fractures

Broken bone possibilities - Do you feel the cold in your past leg and heel fractures? Do they ache?

Krankenschwester Herzschlag Stethoskop Armband entsteht in 925 Sterling Silber. Es ist eine schöne und kreative Kunst für Krankenschwestern. Als Krankenschwester haben Sie einen tollen Job für tätig und kümmert sich um Patienten, die Sie brauchen. Haben Sie alle Hindernisse, bleiben ruhig

Nurse Registered Heart Beat Stethoscope Bracelet EKG by yhtanaff I love this bangle and its handmade. Great gift idea for Nicu, BSN, LPN, Nurse Graduation.

Inspirational quote by Brandon Lanoue

52 Powerful Quote Tattoos Everyone Should Read

Hahaa!! RIIGHT!?

Free and Funny Workplace Ecard: People think that just because you tolerate them at work, it makes you friends. NO, BITCH! I'm just trying to keep my job!


Wearing scrubs (aka pajamas) to work every day is awesome. so true! being a nurse is awesome!