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Seattle, I love you. Which I why I can't let you miss this show. Drop the Rootbeer and Run Presents: Four nights of sketch comedy at the Odd Duck Studio, April 13th, 14th, 20th and 21st at 10:30pm. Tickets are only $10!

13th or 14th century (1275-1325) Southern France - Toulouse? British Library, Royal 10 E IV: I. (1v-3v) Calendarium, II. Decretals of Gregory IX with glossa ordinaria fol. 77v

12th century illumination showing clothing of the time...Scottland. Ok it's a 14th century illumination of the 12th century clothing. Cycles and under dress/tunic. by Janet McNaughten

Fragment(single leaf) of a Speculum Virginum ms., late 13th or eqrly 14th century, Rheinisches Landesmuseum No. 15326, illustration showing the "Three Conditions of Woman", viz. virgins, widows and married wives, in a harvest allegory. The virgins reap hundredfold, the widows sixtyfold, the wives thirtyfold.

Vairocana, Panel from a Buddhist Ritual Crown, Tibet, 13th-14th c. Dhyani Buddha, Centre, white.

The Oldest Known Map: The Map of Nippur This ancient clay tablet dates to the 14th-13th century BC. It shows a map of the countryside around the Mesopotamian city of Nippur, located in the middle of the southern Mesopotamia floodplain, near the modern city of Diwaniyah, Iraq.

In 1556 The earliest known busk was made in iron. Fabrics like damask required a stronger, supported construction to show a body's shape. The first artifical support was made in Italy was called a choche later became known as a busk in England. Corsets were even talked about by Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English Literature, in his books during this time.

I just like this snack bar set up for a movie date. Plus displaying the movie that will be showing is pretty cute.

This is a pin of Annie Oakley and one of her famous quotes. This quote explains the attitude of a cowgirl in the wild west. She was a legendary Sharpshooter. She also the first women in Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show.


Extant Medieval Hairnet photos on the Web

a hairnet made of silk (1300) that is apparently in the Germanisches National Museum in Nurmberg. The black and white picture shows even square mesh with lacis designs.

We've a darn swell weekend ahead... Today (Sat 13th): playin' the Hampshire Kids Festival, nr. Stockbridge, from 3pm ...and then the South Western Arms in St. Denys from 9pm. TMorrow (Sun 14th): playin' live on Russell Hill's Country Music Show on 93.7 Express FM between midday n' 1pm. Listen live here:

Photos 12-14 show the surviving Mongolian silk deel turn of the 13th and 14th centuries , including a detail processing and pattern fabrics.

Don't go halfway when it comes to protecting your weapon - go double duty. Come this 12th, 13th and 14th to the Texas hunting shows at Hunters Extravaganza Houston (NRG Center) BOOTH 761, Houston and check out what we have for you!!

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What Specific Career In Creative Arts Should I Choose?

( open rp ) I stand in the room of requirement. My requirement? An art studio. Every color you can imagine with thousands of ain't risks and canvases. There's usually nobody in here but me. But when I here your footsteps, I know I'm not alone. I turn around slowly with my eyes wide and see someone in Slytherin robes. Oh no, crosses my mind. ~Riley

supernatural birthday cakes | For a lady who loves the show Supernatural & especially the Winchester ...