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    Banana Shoes. Slip-on leather shoes from talented footwear designer Kobi Levi.

    Underwater Restaurant in Maldives

    Underwater Restaurant in Maldives. Beautiful underwater restaurant secured 5 metres below sea level at the Hilton Maldives Resort & Spa in Rangalifinolhu, Maldives. The restaurant has a capacity of 14 people and is encased in transparent acrylic roof offering 270° panoramic view to its customers.

    Toilet Restaurant in Taiwan. Creative restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan with modern decor and full-on toilet theme.

    Ice Restaurant in Dubai. Chillout is the first ice lounge in the Middle East where everything from decoration, furniture and teacups is made from ice.

    Hospital Restaurant in Latvia. The restaurant looks like a medicine cabinet and the food is served in flasks and operating-room’s dishes. In addition, the customers can be tied up in straight jackets.

    Dinner in the Sky. Dinner in the Sky is hosted at a table suspended at a height of 50 metres. It accommodates 22 people around the table with three staff members in the middle (chef, waiter, entertainer).

    R2-D2 Fridge. Creative refrigerator manufactured for Star Wars contest in Japan.

    Stackable Refrigerator. Innovative fridge designed by Stefan Buchberger allows each member of your family to have their own refrigerator space.

    Egg Refrigerator. Google branded egg shaped fridge promotes cooler thinking.

    Collapsible Refrigerator. In order to save energy, the size of the fridge is optimized according to the amount of food you have inside.

    Drawer Refrigerator. Norcool fridge lets you organize and cool your food inside drawers.

    Transparent Refrigerator. Unique fridge from Japan allows you to see what is stored inside.

    Moss Pencil. Unusual wooden pencil design covered with green flocking.

    Pencil Earrings. These earrings will make sure that you always have a pencil.

    Camera Necklace. Black and silver metal camera necklace designed for photographers.

    Toilet Paper Necklace. Unique sterling silver necklace looks like a toilet paper roll.

    Bicycle Necklace. Stylish bicycle shaped necklace designed by Rachel Pfeffer.

    Emergency Money Box. Add coins at your own risk: the money can only be retrieved by smashing the glass.

    Clock Money Box. Unusual clock saves your money and shows you current time.

    Money Rolls Piggy Bank. Let the money roll into your piggy bank. It is more fun.

    Spend/Save Coin Bank. The unpredictable pivoting tray collects, deflects, and randomly deposits coins in either the “save” or “spend” section. It’s a win, win!

    Golden Egg Coin Bank. Porcelain money bank inspired by the fable of the Goose with the Golden Egg by Aesop.

    Bottle Top Coin Bank. Screw it on to the top of any bottle and watch the counter increase as you save. Sadly, it only counts 1 yen coins.

    Hand Grenade Coin Bank. Grenade shaped coin bank by Taiwanese designers Owen and Cloud.