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    I Am


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    When, I ask you?xD

    This quote made me want to watch the whole series :D

    Sims logic

    The Sims' logica. I just laughed so hard. I've done all of these things

    Just Chandler.

    WHY IS THIS SO TRUE>>> am i the only one that actually likes this? I love when the author hides different meanings in his/her work. The only reason I enjoyed "Lord of the Flies" was because of the symbolism. OH NO! I'M BECOMING AN ENGLISH TEACHER!

    Haha! This is what I do: I complain that I don't have room in my twin size bed in my dorm to sprawl out, and then I get home to my much bigger bed and curl up on one side.

    The sad thing is, I have taped my face during my friends presentation one time. I taped my nose up like a pig lol. Lets just say she couldn't present because she was laughing to hard.

    happens all the time... oh man...

    Read the second paragraph, then look at his grade.

    All This Science Crap. Another win for science.

    Iago, indeed.


    Anna Kendrick Is My Spirit Celebrity

    First World Problems < Third World Problems

    This is true...

    Now this is my kind of challenge

    So funny! :D

    I don't know why this is incredibly funny to me!

    I can't stop laughing.