What a fun guided reading table!!

Have a similar beach umbrella and tropical rug...maybe if I have time I can redo my reading center...it's very boring now.

One of my favorite classrooms I've ever seen. If only I had this much space and storage areas!

What a fun idea!

Vinyl cutouts on tables can be written on with dry erase markers. | 25 Clever Classroom Tips For Elementary School Teachers

Paint bucket seats for reading table

Stuff old t-shirts with pillows to create a nook for a reading library. | 35 Money-Saving Classroom DIYs For The Teacher On A Budget

This is a great site! This picture in particular has two great things: crates (that are on wheels!) and dry erase dots on the table. Great way to let kids show and do their work. Maybe even put them on students' desks? What a great idea!

Another door idea

Cute idea to use a hanging curtain rod and curtains to divide classroom into a reading area

Summer reading cave - Graham Public Library A cozy corner cave with cave paintings the children made and also a great way to make reading fun!

Fun and colorful way to organize supplies for your class



classroom reading hut

When she is wearing her crown, nobody is supposed to interrupt her. She said it worked wonders, and I love the idea. She wears it during small groups.

I love the idea of each group having their own bookshelf and trash can!

Use a cookie sheet and trim in fun duct tape! This is awesome

Bathroom sign out, this way you know who left the classroom.

preschool classroom themes | Preschool Bulletin Board Ideas / Penguin Classroom Door

Simple how-to for skirting tables to hide your supplies large decoration to cover up computer??