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    macaw grooming itself - Macaw getting rid of parasites using its beak.

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    autumn trees. - Image of autumn trees.

    yellow rubber ducks - Floating yellow rubber ducks.

    scarlet ibis grooming itself - Scarlet Ibis using long bill for grooming.

    monkey looking left - Macaque sits on rough terrain then looks left.

    mature gorilla - Mature Gorilla looking at camera.

    an ape holding its head - Ape holding head with both hands emulating a human expression of misery.

    macaque sitting on pavement - Macaque sitting on a pavement with head turned to left.

    young ape wondering - Young gorilla looking to sky and wondering.

    friendly greeting - Reindeer staring at a wild geese feeding nearby.

    two blackhawks over water - Two blackhawks flying around over open water.

    trees of princeton university - The universities urban foliage

    stonehenge - The stonehenge monoliths against the sun on a clear day.

    sad chimp - Close up photo of a sad Chimpanzee.

    beautiful female talking on the phone. - Front view shot of a attractive young lady talking on her cell phone. Model: Claire Raterta

    hiding cub - A cub hiding in some long grasses

    giraffe's lenghty neck - Giraffe neck can grow up to 1.5 meters average making it the tallest animal in the planet.

    moon jellyfish - Jellyfish is 95% water, 3% protein, and 1% mineral with no brain, heeart or backbone.