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That and people who think they have curly hair but really all it is is wavy...

My brothers girlfriend has the most beautiful curly hair. Her curls are tight! My hair looks straight compared to hers!

I got curl problems

I braid my hair on almost a daily basis because it tames the frizz :)

My one aspiring dread always comes out at festies or if I don't wash for a day


YES!! This is my problem... and then I always wonder if a different brand would work better. Turns out, they all suck!


I get so sick of having to straighten first then style. Bad for my hair too. :(


Straight-haired styles are everywhere! I don't have half the patience though.

YEP...that is me 3 bottles of conditioner VS 1 bottle of shampoo


I would also like to state for the record that this is also a thick, straight hair problem, because this happens to me too.