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Seed storage tips.

This is a guide about drying and storing seeds. Collecting seeds from your garden is the first step in having seeds to use for your next planting. *make sure you have organic seeds to begin with.

Alternative Gardning: How to Harvest and Store Seeds

Parsley Harvesting Method: Dry When to Harvest: Let seeds dry on plants. How to Harvest: Shake seeds loose. Storage: Store seeds in a tightly sealed glass container. Keep seeds in a dry and cool place

Buying Seeds Online: The Best Websites - Weed 'em & Reap

Buying Seeds Online: The Best Websites

Buying Seeds Online: The Best Sites to shop! - Thinking about buying seeds online? Whether you're buying seeds online for a huge vegetable garden, or you're just looking to raise a few pots of plants, it's important to Flower seeds, vegetable seeds

How to save your own bean seed because being able to seed save and grow your own food every year without stores is the ultimate preparedness. Plus drying and storage tips.

Heirloom gardening means saving seed to pass along. Large beans are one of the easiest seeds to collect.

Fun Garden Ideas – 38 Pics:

Plantable seedling pots made from newspaper. This is so easy. A wide range of ages can do this gardening craft. These seed cups would make a great gift for gardening grandparents.

Start a Quick and Easy Food Garden in a Bag

Bag gardening couldn’t be easier. Simply set out purchased bags of topsoil, cut them open, and plant seeds and seedlings right into the topsoil. The bag garden in this plan will be brimming with more than 20 vegetables and culinary herbs by its third year

Beginner’s Guide to Seed Saving | Rodale's Organic Life

A Beginner’s Guide To Saving Seeds From Your Favorite Vegetables

Beginner's Guide to Seed Saving Seed saving is an easy & fun way to connect with the circle of life.

Create a Mini Greenhouse with the Help of Plastic Storage Containers

35+ Creative Garden Hacks & Tips That Every Gardener Should Know

Create a Mini Greenhouse with the Help of Plastic Storage Containers. Create portable mini greenhouses out of plastic storage containers for starting seeds and nurturing young plants.