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Girls like to hang out with guys because there is less drama...

Truer words have never been spoken.


Atheism defined.

Atheism - the belief that god does not exist, is entirely separate from the "Big Bang" hypothesis which theorizes the early development of the universe and is backed up by scientific evidence. You don't have to be an Atheist to believe the Big Bang theory.

This is totally me! I have a "phone voice" and my normal voice which was recently described as "raspy lounge singer" which translates into "man"



Finding nemo.... Gotta love dory.... Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

how-I-love-my-pets~ cause my cats love you when they want to be loved not when you want to give it.


Giving gum to a friend is like a drug deal.

Giving gum to a friend is like a drug SO TRUE!


Best solution for overpopulation.

I would have given the student credit had they explained their answer. Too bad you didn't read the question!!! Still funny. :)