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Nurses serve one of the most crucial responsibilities and this is the reason why from the time immemorial they have been extensively featured in all the historical accounts and literature across the world.

In 1888, ahead of the official opening of the Birmingham Union Infirmary (now City Hospital), Nightingale-trained Anne Gibson was appointed Lady Superintendent; she founded the nurse training school during her time in charge before retiring in 1912.

From the late years of Nineteenth century to the onset of the twentieth century a great many authors from the other gender have come up equaling the intellectual rigor of modern men that dominated through ages. In the twentieth century alone we have seen a great upsurge of women increasingly coming to terms with literature and other intellectual undertaking presenting some of the figures who can easily be described as the most respected women writers of all time.

Take a close-up look at Clara Barton, who bravely nursed soldiers during the Civil War.

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Amazing Video Of Child’s Conception To Birth…

Amazing Video of Child's Growth From Conception To Birth All human life is sacred. When can anyone say a life is a life? In the womb or when he or she is born? God knew who we were before we were even born, so it is only valid to say that only God knows what is life is not. I say again, all human life is sacred.