diy childrens art/canvas

Painting with Children – "Finer" Art | Ashley Hackshaw / Lil Blue Boo

My buddies and I just did this this afternoon. It was a huge hit and looked spectacular:) Yes, you may have painted with feet before, but TRY doing it THIS WAY!

Painted sticks

how to paint letters perfectly! so easy! why didn't I think of that!?!

8 tips for doing big art with kids. Love the *rules* at the end!

cool kid wall art

definite must.

Oil Drip Pan from Walmart as a giant magnet board ($12)...genius!

Birds for the wall

Ice Cube Painting (Kid's Craft)

Install climbing wall in kid's playroom

Homemade Art Materials for Kids Art - More than 40 Recipes and Tutorials

How to Make a Giant Water Bed- for just a few dollars you can make a giant outdoor water bed for the kids to play. You won't believe how much fun this is- perfect for parties or playdates!

Great art project for kids and cheap!

DIY: Giant Ice Cube Excavation! Great for hot summer days.

Painting for kids room 1 set (3 painting) for baby shower

little people paintings

paint rocks with kids!

Turn Towards - original painting by megan auman - acrylic on canvas

salt painting