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  • Sandra Predinchuk

    Simon by Milton Bradley bought this for my kids for xmas one year and i played with it most of the time.. this xmax i saw that my daughters bought it for their boys it was made for long trips in the car but played the same and i had a blast from the past playing with the grandsons lol

  • Melissa Moody

    simon says game - Google Search

  • Shelly Cormierđź’‹

    Childhood Memories

  • Julie Torr Stewart

    My brothers and I loved playing this game when we were kids!

  • Jacob Garcia

    the 1980s toys | SPRINKLES AND PUFFBALLS

  • Heather Hicks Williams

    Memory and Concentration Games: Children’s games such as Memory or Simon are great ideas for improving memory and concentration. They are quick and fun. Memory motivates the child to remember the location of picture squares and Simon helps them memorize sequences of visual and auditory stimuli. Read more:

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One of my favorite toys! I want some vintage toys for baby Catto.

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