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  • Tarah Slattery

    Strung Out guitar!! Heck yes!

  • Sara Weeks

    The Atom Ukulele by Celentano Woodworks. My hubs and I could watch The Big Bang Theory while I strum a tune. <3

  • 父の日ちゃん

    Father's Day gifts for geeks: Atom ukelele

  • Tara Windwalker

    Reminds me of the "Big Bang Theory". I'd love for Sheldon to play "Soft Kitty Warm Kitty" with this!!! This etsy shop sells handmade ukeleles like this Atom ukelele.

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The Atom Ukulele by Celentano Woodworks on Etsy. (Also available, Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots Ukelele, Pacman Ukelele, Avocado Ukelele, Snail Ukelele.....)

awesome, handmade

if i were forced, under duress, to play a ukelele, i would play this one. but i'm talking serious duress. and that says more about my feelings towards ukeleles than it does of beautiful craftsmanship.

Apple ukulele ( applelele ). I see so few things that I think are exciting enough to buy AND that we can't make ourselves, but this is darling. I wonder how it sounds.

Cupcake ukulele cakulele soprano by celentanowoodworks on Etsy

Black and white Ukelele Case with hidden pocket (Soprano size) Custom made on Etsy, $38.00

Custom handmade fretless bass guitar by ScottGuitarWorks on Etsy, $1500.00

1940's Vintage Toy Ukelele ---- I might have to paint my concert ukelele this way.

U is for Unicorn playing the ukelele