Hue, saturation, pantone. Em 1776. : Update or Die

Psychology of Colors

Andy Gilmore Geometric Design 2

Pantone colours

Follow this link to see different colour schemes created using a traditional colour wheel.




Arvore da vida

Pantone tarts by Emilie De Griottes. #pantone #art #design


Hue, saturation, pantone. Em 1776. : Update or Die

Room Color Ideas: Watch and learn how to decorate any room with color. Our helpful tips will help you design the perfect color scheme starring your favorite hue.

Pink and Green Paint

Paintings by Esther Stewart



Want to get your artyness on this summer? How abut having heaps of fun doing something you wouldn't normally do?! Try melted crayon art! With all these designs to try, or maybe just make your own! Once your done you can proudly hang it on your wall in a golden frame! As a work of art! ;)

Mario Dagrada

a to z. #typography #type #design