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    • Lori Wise

      Achomawi baby 1910 Native American Indian - Old photo. Look at this happy baby!!

    • Barry Davison

      Recent research suggests that there was contact between the Native Indians and the Greeks, long before America was "discovered". Here we see an Achomawi baby, wrapped in a traditional folded Feta cheese blanket and Eucalyptus leaves, ready to pop in the oven in the Greek style. ( Shocking? Well, the odd ways and appetites of the Achomawi can possibly be explained by their location .... Northern California, home of 90% of the weirds in the world)

    • Faith Griffey

      Achomawi baby 1910 Native American Indian - Old photos- love indian babies ;)

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    Young Frederick Douglass pictured at the Fugitive Slave Law Convention of 1850.

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    Children wearing gas masks while playing, 1941.

    A soldier returns home from the war. Washington DC, 1917. Harris & Ewing

    Interesting. Ottoman dental book showing molars infected with toothworms. As early as Babylonian times and lasting well into the 18 century, it was thought that a toothache was caused by worms. The theory was disproved by Jacob Christian Schaffer in 1757


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    Bettie Page AND vintage shoes?? I may die of happiness!

    Rosemary ♥

    My father had his albums. He was a huge success. Biddy Craft/"Once more popular than Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby, singer Billy Eckstine stole the show with sex appeal, sophistication and black machismo - all in an era of segregation."

    A young Shirley Temple with child star Baby LeRoy, early #1930s.

    A forgotten profession: In the days before alarm clocks were widely affordable, people like Mary Smith of Brenton Street were employed to rouse sleeping people in the early hours of the morning. They were commonly known as ‘knocker-ups’ or ‘knocker-uppers’. Mrs. Smith was paid sixpence a week to shoot dried peas at market workers’ windows in Limehouse Fields, London. Photograph from Philip Davies’ Lost London: 1870-1945.

    Aaaahahahaha! Grandpa obnoxious? Give him Thorazine!

    As a child I saw scenes like this all the time. These days, who still has a workshop? I find it a bit sad

    "Jazz trumpeteer Valaida Snow.She was named “Little Louis” after Louis Armstrong himself, who used to call her the world’s second best jazz trumpet player besides himself. She played concerts throughout the USA, Europe and China. Later she became addicted to morphine. While touring through Denmark in 1941, she was arrested by the Nazis and probably kept at Vestre Fængsel, a Danish prison in Copenhagen that was run by the Nazis, before being released on a prisoner exchange in May 1942."

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    On this day (Oct. 24) in 1939, nylon stockings were sold to the public for the first time in Wilmington, Delaware, where the DuPont company was headquartered.

    Lower East Side, New York, 1963

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    My Grandmother and Great Aunt Helen sitting on their stoop in Brooklyn in the 1940's