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RAW (right angle weave)

RAW used in several ways

gwenbeads: Ginkgo Leaf Beaded Earrings CRAW. www.gwenbeads.blo...

Bead Street Online: RAW with Peanut Beads

Right angle weave

DamnedHalo's Beading Babble RAW neckerchief

PART ONE: Cubic Right-Angle Weave Tutorial video with Carol Huber Cypher

Cubic right angle weave - link to video tute. #seed #bead #tutorial

gwenbeads: Cubic Super Right Angle Weave CSRAW - there are lots of variants on the CRAW theme. Gwen's links are very interesting; worth a look/see. #seed #bead #tutorial

Diagonal Right Angle Weave

RAW Earring, Edgar Lopez

Cubic Right Angle Weave 3 different Tutorials.wmv

cubic right angle weave. The Tatiana bracelet is made of three strips of cubic right angle weave (CRAW) joined with CRAW embellished columns which are both decorative as well as serve to hold the strips in place.

Cubic Loop necklace as a choker- Jacqueline Johnson. Super cool.

Free photo tutorial shows you how to make this bracelet using RAW to make each piece, then connect them together to make a bracelet, necklace or ring. bead-tutorial.liv...

* Make a Cabochon Bezel with Right-Angle Weave - Beading Instructions - Beading Daily


Amazing Beadwork

Marcia DeCoster RAW ring

Black Lily Beautiful cuff in cubic RAW. German tutorial with pictures begins slide 25

Embellished RAW; love it.

Diseño de Marcia DeCoster

Szikati side (blog) - right angle weave

Cubic Right Angle Weave video - very clear instructions