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MAKE THE DATE: This is from our old calendar board. I just added a strip of velcro onto it so that we can display the date in coins. For example, on the photo to the left it is April 28th. So, there is 28 cents displayed on the board. Notice the extra coins hanging on a strip of velcro on the side. FYI, there are velcro dots on the back of the coins so that the kids can practice with real money.

Nice a page for counting the days in school. Laminate and use on your calendar wall or as a form for journals or calendar notebooks.

I like the idea of the clock using the linking cubes. I think the only thing I would change is to put "00" at the top instead of "60".

For when we start teaching money in 1st grade so our kids can do well on STAR even though money is not in our standards to teach in 1st....

Place Value Cups. Use the cups to (1) understand place value (2) practice counting forward and backward (3) learn the names of large numbers (4) decompose numbers to expanded form. I would either label the cups 'ones' 'tens' etc. or add a comma cup or decimal point cup


Comparing Numbers

Math Coach's Corner - good quick review of regrouping (not sure I'd want it as an anchor chart in 4th grade)

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Place Value Freebie!

FREE ~ place value practice for deeper understanding of 2 digit addition ~ roll it ~ write it ~ build it ~ draw it ~ write it in expanded notation ~ first grade math ~ common core ~