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    Led Zeppelin

    Led Zeppelin. This is so cool, I want it as a poster in my room!

    Black Dog-Led Zeppelin

    It is a cute book. I remember having this book read in the 1st grade & then doing an art project related to the book.

    One of my favorite shampoos even though the commercials freaked me out

    I watched ever episode

    Oh shit. Math blaster was so cool

    Clueless is still one of my favorite movies. I love it.

    I remember having my hair done like this.

    I had a clear plastics bubble backpack I absolutely loved them somebody ripped it at school & all my shit fell out ):

    Haha I remember this. Don't try to jog.

    Bananas in pajamas!!

    I remember the plastic chokers being popular!

    Bob Barker always made me feel better. & I knew my prices

    I loved playing with this Chinese finger trap thing.

    Yum. Coolest drink to have when I was a kid

    Warheads are my favs!!

    I hated these shirts so bad. I wanted to trip the kids who decided to wear them lol they are just hideous

    I totally remember these bracelets lol

    My mom bought me one for Christmas, & I got caught looking through my gifts before she wrapped them & she took it back. I cried. I really want it.


    For 80s and 90s kids. #OregonTrail #Childhood - I loved this game! We had it on our first computer - the apple IIGS

    Yes I did

    Who didn't have one of these clips? Lol