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Give a blessing bag to someone in need. Keep a stash in your car ...hand to people on the corner asking for money. Blessing Bags #blessingbags

  • Lisa Torres

    totally awesome

  • Lisa Schmid

    It's a great family activity and also great for team-building at work. I've suggested to my employer that we buy the goodies (based on suggestions from the employees) and have a party putting them together. The one thing I am including is a laminated two-sided card that contains the information on where to find a hot meal, showers, counseling, housing, job hunting help and other resources for homeless people. That way, you are giving them INFORMATION as well.

  • Tanya Towndrow

    I am the Director of the only Homeless Shelter that serves all of Central Vermont. My Outreach Coordinator hands these out you can not believe how much something as simple as a blessing bag makes a huge difference in their lives. If you can't hand out the bags yourself I urge you to donate to the homeless shelter(s) in your areas

  • Lisa Schmid

    Wonderful suggestion!

  • louvetta julius


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This is a great idea to teach children about service. We will definitely be doing this for the holidays

  • Dawn Hunt

    I do something very similar as care packages for service members.

  • Regina Albertario

    I do this on a daily basis. I always have at least one blessing bag in my car to hand out. I include mini first aid kits, wet wipes, travel size deodorant, snacks, juice box, a small umbrella, a washcloth, razor, bar of soap, travel shampoo, FHA stick, cough drops, pack of gum, disposable finger toothbrushes, packet of tissues, and pair of sunglasses. I buy everything in bulk so I don't spend more than about $60 a month.

  • Regina Albertario

    Chap stock* not FHA stick. Oh, and I include hand sanitizer.

  • San Designs

    all the sugar is not good for people though....maybe if the bags contained healthier treats like dried fruit, nuts.

  • Dannyelle Lavallee Durnford

    Just from personal experience, many of the people you meet will have dental issues so hard snacks like crunchy granola bars and nuts will not be used. I learned this the hard way :)

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Use your free trial or travel size to make blessing bags for the homeless, make them and leave them in your car. Shows your kids what giving is all about.

Blessing Bags for the Homeless!

How to make a blessing bag for the homeless - part of a great series on making closer families through "Happy Family Habits"

blessing bags: fill ziplock baggies with non-perishable snacks, toiletries, and other necessities, and keep them in your car or in your purse to hand out to the homeless.

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A great lesson for children about giving! Make homeless blessing bags with toiletries and treats. Keep them in the car to give to those on the corner. Includes ideas to give as well as how to offer the bags without being offensive.

Blessing bags (keep in car to give to homeless). I think this is an awesome idea!

  • Sherrie Lineberry

    Be sure to give soap an extra wrap or extra bag so crackers, energy bars, etc. won't taste like soap.

What to put in homeless blessing bags Erin Alden Davis this could be an idea for Mom Squad sometime.

  • d a r i e n m o u и t s

    Feminine hygiene products!

  • AbqRescue

    God bless you for touching your world.

  • AbqRescue

    I think this is a great idea. There always occasions where these packets can be life-savers. Consider though... for what most people spend on these bags, a homeless shelter can give that person, a bed, a shower, home-cooked meals, access to people who can help them get out of this plight, and many much needed services. Consider donating to your local shelter also. They are always in need of donors.

  • Thays Couto

    If only the world was filled of people like you

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