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Kate Spade "mrs" necklace.... love!

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kate spade - tying the knot..adorable bridesmaid gift! "Thanks for helping me tie the knot"

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Alyssa'S Someday


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custom signature necklace. i might have pinned this before but i think this idea is so cool.

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Mrs Script Necklace Sterling Silver Cursive by ShopSomethingBlue

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{Groom Gift} {Before The Wedding}

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Text this to the groom on the wedding day! Sneak peak.

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Is your friend or are you a "Trendsetter Bride"? Here are some great gifts ideas!

Colin Cowie Weddingsfrom Colin Cowie Weddings

Custom Name Bracelets for bridesmaids gifts.

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Custom Name Bracelets for bridesmaids gifts, how cute this idea is!

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Love this!

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Cute things for the Rehearsal Dinner Invites-- even a "please call anyone but the bride" section!

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75 wedding day tips-- Need to remember these .

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Probably the best gift the bride could get. The groom secretly had their proposal photographed and never told the bride until he gave her the photos on their wedding day. Boys... Take notes.

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Super cute bridal party wine glasses!!

Offbeat Home & Lifefrom Offbeat Home & Life

Will living together before marriage ruin your relationship

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In not sure why I find this funny but Greg and I would actually crack up if we got this.... Hahahahaha.

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Instead of printing 500+ return address labels for thank yous, invites, save the dates, & replies, get a stamp! Saves you a ton of time and money! Every Bride needs one of these personalized wedding stamps!


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Wifey tee