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Every experience i've had with elephants is magical, I love how this photo captures it!

I hope my future babies are as cute as this little guy!

“Hold my heart, lest it breaks. Hold my hand, lest I fall. Hold me close, lest I fear.”

11 Ways Elephants Are The Most Amazing Creatures On The Planet: They're also one of the few species that can actually recognize themselves in the mirror.

The time spent, wasted, but I still choose to move on. Wise beyond my years and your expectations of me. It's time for me to use the knowledge that I've acquired, my memory, to look forward to the future and brighten my days. I'll never forget the magnificence of what a good change can do for someone.

Different elephant herds can meet at water holes or grazing sites with no friction between the groups. Observers have reported that often these appear to be joyous reunions.

Aww, elephants are lovely. Those fences shouldn't be in her way begin with.

Elephants have been known to die of a broken heart when a mate dies. They refuse to eat and will lie down, shedding tears, until they starve to death. They reject all human help.

elephants are soulful creatures--fall in love for a lifetime, mourn their dead, and create bonds that last forever.