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asjdflajskdfl;ajsl;dlasjkdf like it or not, you ARE getting one of these when I see you, among many other things you amazing person you.

Short Bridesmaid Silk Robes Green Painting Peacock by thaichill, $21.00

That's a cool idea

Isn't it always?

Stock The Bar Couples Shower Invite Digital Copy via Etsy - $10 - CWesterbuhr Designs YES YES YES YES YES

Chisel Tip Handmade knife by BiltSharp on Etsy

33 Pairs Of Unbelievably Beautiful Custom TOMS

bondir | eva black

crown ring.

Love this headband

Fantastic Little Fox Coat ( Etsy )

I like you a lottle, that's a little but a lot - custom canvas quotes & sayings

Why, Lord yes!!!!!

You're the One Pho Me // funny Valentine love pun card


Potions Notebook. Use this notebook for GenChem, the Advanced Potions for Ochem?? Yes, I think yes.

Advanced Potions Notebook. Um, guys, this would be amazing to take chemistry notes in.

Need it.

Full skirted half apron

Red chevron pocketed full apron

Teal ruffled cupcake half apron

Cupcake apron with wrap around sash tie

super cute for the dog lover

Wedding Invitation - Party Till The Cows Come Home