I might have to make a sign with this quote for Christmas. I heart Elf.

Christmas fun.


Now I know what to do with my shepherd's hook in the winter!

It isn't Christmas without Elf in the house!


FREE Christmas Printable! Maybe print and put in an inexpensive frame for Weston & Addison's music teachers at school for Christmas.

I <3 snow!

How To Fold Napkins Like An Elf Shoe @Sharon Macdonald Macdonald Macdonald Charters

This looked like an amazing list


The Grinch Themed Yard Sign by SweetiePieSigns on Etsy, $35.00

Washi Tape Tree! A festive way to organize all of your holiday cards...

I plan to create these this year for distribution to my neighbors with a sign that states: "You've Been Elfed" maybe a co-worker or two will find these little treats at their desk this year too!

I have the best family!

Tacky Christmas Party game ideas - I love the Rudolph game! Vasoline on your nose, a red pom pom on a string hanging from your mouth, and you try to get the pom pom to stick to your nose!

North Pole Breakfast to celebrate arrival of elf on a shelf (weekend after Thanksgiving) I MUST REMEMBER THIS!!!

Holiday DIY (includes ruffle tree skirts!)