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Art is an act of bravery. And not just in the sense of putting often-soul-baring work out there to be judged—and sometimes rejected—by the world, but in the sense of being willing to face the blankness before creation, the wondering if the perfect creation might happen this time, even as it so rarely lives up to the vision in the artist's head. It's a leap off the edge of the world when you really don't know what will be at the bottom.

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from Society6

Introducing the Society6 Art Quarterly No.1.1

With thousands of artists uploading daily, we may not be able to fit everyone in, but we're thrilled to establish one more way to spotlight our talented members. Introducing the very first Society6 Art Quarterly! Featuring original artwork from 49 diverse Society6 artists printed in rich color across 130 pages.

Haha, I need this on a shirt or business card or something! People ask me to do stuff all the time! Yes, I do love doing it, but until I am rich- not for free. The talent that enables artists to create that magic shouldn't be underrated (or under paid)!