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i bought it for mother's day^^

100+ Uses for Sol-U-Mel

This is a collection of useful information and tips compiled by individuals on the many uses for one of Melaleuca‘s favorite products: Sol-U-Mel. Various people have added stories and comments alo…

10 Wacky Grooming Products from the 1970s

1970's Earth Born Shampoo...had to have them all.

Vintage Fudgsicle bag My mother and I loved these and ate them often when I was little. They don't make them like that any longer, but I will say I have tried the Wal-Mart brand fudge bar and they are the closest to the real thing I have found in years.

people who cause drama and then play the victim | time to quit playing the victim in your own little drama production ...

Vintage Johnson's....can't you just smell them? Now that's how a baby's supposed to smell!

Not Your Mother's Knotty to Nice is awesome! Yet again, MissGlamorazzi, a YouTube Beauty Guru, said this was a great product and she is right! I love how it detangles my crazy knots (#curlyhairedgirlproblems), leaves it feeling silky, smooth, and it smells like apples too. Great product!

i love the 'Not Your Mothers' hair products especially their 'rise & shine' mist.

Willow Tree Close To Me $29.95---Mother & Daughter...So, So Special!!

truth is, we're ALL LACTOSE intolerant whether we realize the physical changes or not. Dairy is not for human consumption. #govegan #nodairy #dairyisscary #faircompassion