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PICTURE: Avengers in High School - Hawkeye had a bomb-ass flat top mullet

I found this picture of The Avengers in high school over on Reddit, and while I know I said Hawkeye and Black Widow were mostly worthless characters (Whedon did an incredible job trying to make them seem relevant, but trying to make a girl with a pistol and a dude with a bow and arrow on the front.....
  • Abbi Greene

    Young Avengers!! captain america definitely the cutest!! nice mullet hawkeye...

  • Kamron Davidson

    Cast of The Avengers: High School yearbook photos. Props to Renner for totally rocking that mullet! Captain America is HOTTT

  • Amanda Davis

    The Avengers before their superhero days....Oh Jeremy Renner rockin that mullet!

  • Maria Morgan

    The Avengers (in high school). Check out Hawkeye and The Hulk. So bad ass in the movie!

  • Cory Uchiha

    The Avengers in High School. Too funny, I don't like my favorite having a Mullet -_-

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