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    Sambo’s was named after its two founders, Sam Battistone + Newell “Bo” Bohnett. The chain has as many as 1,118 restaurants. However, customers, esp in the Northeast, felt uncomfortable w/ the name + company’s history. Sambo once used the principal character from Helen Bannerman’s 1899 book “Little Black Sambo," which has been widely criticized for promoting negative racial stereotypes. The first Sambo’s in Santa Barbara, which is owned by the founder’s grandson, remains in business.

  • Wendy Baxter-Zoschke

    Sambos Coffee Shop - My brother work there.

  • Lesley Castle

    Sambo's Restaurant in San Bernardino, California: Located on the northeast corner of Highland & Valencia. The popular restaurant chain went under following controversy over the origins of the name 'Sambo's' and the perceived racial overtones. Ah, the beginning of 'political correctness'.

  • Jean Ballew

    Sambo's Restaurant in San Bernardino, California - we used to go there for pancakes (of course). No longer exists because of racial connotation

  • Richard Price

    Remember Sambo's. It was a popular chain a number of years ago and one of my favorites. It folded because of financial mismanagement and controversy over its name. However, the original (not pictured here) still operates in Santa Barbara, California.

  • Chuck Brunson

    Sambo's. What a shame that a great place to eat breakfast fell due to it's perceived racist name.

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Sambo's once had over 1,100 restaurants. It closed in the mid 80's under politically correct pressure alleging racism. People can be very stupid.

Sambos - a santa b favorite. Used to go there when I was the age of not knowing what politically correct was

Sambo's - Sheree and I each had a stuffed tiger that came from there - we love our tigers !

Riverside, California "From 1960 to 1970, I photographed the first 100 Sambo's in the country. Today, only the first is still in operation here in Santa Barbara. At one time there were about 1200 locations from coast to coast."

Sambos restaurants - yes they existed and yes, we ate there... and often... lol

DJ coffee shop sign in San Bernardino, California. Taken by Thomas Hawk

dj Coffee Shop - 40th Street (San Bernardino)

Sambo and his Tiger "The Fun Place For Family Food"

San Bernardino Santa Fe Depot Fred Harvey Restaurant

We used to take our girls to Sambo's Restaurants where they colored pictures of Little Black Sambo who was really an Indian boy chasing a tiger around a palm tree. Racism never makes sense!!

  • Susan Powell InFocus Design

    Thanks for bringing back memories with this Pin! I loved the book as a child & of course the restaurant. Just like the book - pancakes with lots of 'Tiger Butter'. I never once thought anything about it was racist as I was raised to be 'color blind' and was thought everyone was equal and the difference in fiction, fable, folklore & non-fiction.

  • Sharon Johnson

    You might want to discuss this w/your many African-American friends. They will probably be able to share insights you were unaware of.

  • Susan Powell InFocus Design

    I you suggesting I'm a racist or insensitive?

  • Sharon Johnson

    Not at all. I think that we, as a country, are consistently learning how we can be more supportive of people who are sharing how they experience things in our culture. I did observe that most people did not realize that Sambo was indeed an Indian child.

Valley Thrift, San Bernardino, CA

I remember Bob's Big Boy in the San Fernando Valley.There were three we would go to on Wednesday Cruise Night in the mid 60's. Canoga Park Bob's, then cruse Van Nuys Blvd. to Van Nuys Bob's, then back to Balboa Bob's on Balboa Blvd. to hang out on the grass in front until you got a table. Loved their Bob's Big Boy Hamburger, French fries dipped in their Roquefort Dressing and a Coke.

  • Deneen Lodato

    I remember the one on Sherman way in Canoga park I used to go all the time when I was a kid. Good memories at that place.