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Superman/Batman, Vol. 2 has ratings and 113 reviews. Stephen said: The asteroid that Batman destroyed left smaller fragments behind of the radioa...

It will be on in a super flash. An hour and a half to go EST. #supergirlxtheflash #supergirl #theflash @melissabenoist @grantgust @supergirlofficial @supergirlcbs

“@YahooTV: On the @supergirlofficial #setvisit. First stop: Kara's apartment - based on an actual LA loft & recreated at WB Studios. #Supergirl”

“Fly mode. The dude in green is our stunt rigger Mark. It's cool, he's legit :) @melissabenoist @supergirlofficial #supergirl”

Looking forward to this team-up!! ⚡️ I would have ever thought they could pull off a crossover with 2 shows on different networks, but I’m so glad they are doing it!! @melissabenoist @grantgust...

“It's not a doughnut but it's the other thing always in her hand. #Supergirl @supergirlcbs @supergirlofficial @melissabenoist”