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    Seriously, live by this.



    • Karla Marker-Puttman

      This is so true and probably one of my biggest pet peeves. As someone who has been both waitstaff and a customer, it's ALWAYS better to show integrity and be kind to those who serve you. :)

    • Jennifer Moore Duncan

      Wise words! So true. I have been in the horrifying position of discovering this about people at that very moment!!

    • Irma Vanta

      so true. a real nice person is generally nice to everyone with some situational exceptions of course. and being nice is more of a rule than an exception. :)

    • Mikaela Nicole

      SO. TRUE. I am soooo in agreement! I have seen these not so nice people, can't believe they forget when they were I that same place!!! Be nice to ALL!!!! ~W

    • Debbie Williams

      I LOVE THIS !!!!!! This is so true and probably one of my biggest pet peeves. <--also if they're not nice to your family, your friends.. they are NOT a nice person for you. CB

    • Sharla Trice

      this is so true people. must respect the service people. Be nice People!!!!

    • Logan Almeida

      SO true!!! HUGE pet peeve! Be nice to servers people.

    • Gaby Guillen

      I'll remember this on dates. So true...

    • Jen Barilla

      Ohhhhhh so true!!! true colors.

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