13.4.15 Walking along with S&P - sun setting, warm temperatures, Canadian geese flying over head & swans gliding on the water...so peaceful &I just a perfect moment! You cannot take these beautiful moments for granted x

❖ Lined trees with amazing sky and reflections

'Garnet Glow' The sunset above the Sandy River near Mount Hood Oregon. The sunset was affected by the smoke in the sky from the Central Oregon forest fires -photo by Gary Randall

❖ Morning Light Reflections

Heron Island Daybreak, Maine - Man cannot begin to paint a painting in the exact colours he sees in sunsets...and they keep changing. It is a spectacle, a show that God puts on for mankind.

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Rainbow sunset

Unbelievably beautiful

Beautiful Reflections

Rising sun - this is amazing...

Beautiful sunset

Sunset with 2 birds

sunset reflected


Frozen crystals in the sky make winter sunrises & sunsets absolutely amazing.

:) share moments amazing sunset reflection