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Ayao is a minor Orisha in the Lucumi/Santería pantheon. She is the Orisha of the Air. Ayao is considered to reside in both the forest and in the eye of the tornado. She works closely with Osain and is a fierce warrior. Ayao has among her implements a crossbow with a serpent, a quill and nine stones. She is commonly placed next to her sister, Oya or on the boveda. Her colors are brown and green.

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Haumea is the Hawaiian Great Earth Goddess, sometimes equated with La'iLa'i, the first woman. Her children are said to have been born from different parts of her body, which befits an Earth Goddess. She is associated with Food Supply, Marriage, Birth, and Rebirth. She is called Haumea "of mysterious forms, of eightfold forms, of four hundred thousand forms." There is no single word haumea in Hawaiian, but hau can mean "a ruler" and mea can mean "reddish (like red earth)."

Sopdet is the Egyptian Goddess of Sirius, the Dog Star. She was also a Goddess of Fertility, because the appearance of Sirius in the sky at dawn marked the beginning of the annual Nile floods, and therefore the beginning of the agricultural year. Sopdet was said to be the wife of Sahu, God of the constellation we know as Orion, and mother of Sopdu, God of the planet Venus.

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