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This must have made the mailman's day.

This is a great idea! These people made a snowman around the mailbox. The mailbox is the mouth of the snowman. I bet the mailman smiled when he put the mail in this one! How could you not smile?

Voici 20 bonhommes de neige originaux à essayer cet hiver en famille ou entre amis.

30 Crazy And Creative Snowman Ideas - link to website. First Snow today and If it's going to snow, then better make it damn fun!

Innocent and Playful April Fools Prank Ideas - Pranks for the Office, Food Prank Ideas and fun Aprils Fools Day Home Pranks on Frugal Coupon Living.

Innocent and Playful April Fools Prank Ideas

Can you tell who like pranking?

10 divertenti pupazzi di neve come non li avete mai visti

Snowman checking his phone


Funny pictures about Photos that were taken a second before disaster struck. Oh, and cool pics about Photos that were taken a second before disaster struck. Also, Photos that were taken a second before disaster struck.

Zdjęcie użytkownika Foto World foto świat.

Even snowmen are sick of this weather. Snowman trying to hitch a ride to Florida.


Funny pictures about Snowpy. Oh, and cool pics about Snowpy. Also, Snowpy.

Dad Recreates Daughter's Pictures

Dad recreated his daughter's selfies


20 enfants diaboliques qui préparent secrètement leur vengeance

Funny pictures about Patty cake. Oh, and cool pics about Patty cake. Also, Patty cake.

These clever snowmen will bring a smile to your face. The creative minds that built these sure know how to have fun. They take snowmen to a new level.

Candida, morbida, rasserenante. La neve ha tante qualità, compresa quella di essere decisamente divertente. Non solo sci o slittini. Figura irrinunciabile nell’immaginario collettivo, quando si parla di inverno, è il pupazzo di neve. Ma non tutti sono uguali, e a volte sono delle

Quando la neve è un'opera d'arte: le sculture di ghiaccio più curiose sul web

"GIANT CAMPFIRE & MARSHMALLOW" Snow Sculpture By: Schaffer Art Studio. To get the color of the flames and logs the artist used food coloring mixed with water in a spray bottle and ‘spray painted’ the flames and wood on.

Chi ha detto che i pupazzi di neve devono essere tutti simili? Magari fatti di 3 classiche “palle”, con un cappello in testa, una carota come naso, due bottoni al posto degli occhi, e magari una sciarpetta? Se c’è neve e fantasia allora si può creare di tutto. In questa galleria fotografica trovi alcuni dei pupazzi di neve più alterantivi, originali, divertenti e spiritosi. Realizzare un pupazzo di neve come questi sicuramente attirerà l’attenzione del vicinato… Quale preferisci? Lo snow…

Weight lifting snowman definitely doing this!

Snow Sharks I've so made some of these over the years lol

Going to put in yo yard next snow lol

I can't! So adorable.

So worth watching, I am trying to figure out when they got a video of my bubbles at a ballet class. I can't stop laughing.ballet isnt for everyone. oh my goodness. it hurts.someone help this poor child!

I've never seen anything like this before! Upside down snowman!

Upside down snowman so funny! Must remember this next winter.

Who wore it better?? Kim is really working the size but lacks detail.  The whale on the right has the whole package, though.

Verwarde Dieren Compilatie

As you might know but don't care, Kim Kardashian is pregnant and recently she wore a dress that replicates a killer whale, also known as Orcinus orca.