Wind string around a balloon, cover it with fabric stiffener, let it dry and then pop the balloon. Put flowers or other stuff inside balloons before wrapping them then they are inside when you pop the balloon!


Handmade Tweed Balls made from gluing twine and yarn around balloons|Rustic Chic Farm Wedding| Photo by: Will Pursell Photography

Hanging Sunflower Pomanders | 37 Things To DIY Instead Of Buy For Your Wedding

DIY mariage : Boules de fleurs en papier

Yarn chandelier; use balloon, dip yarn in glue and wrap!

twine lanterns

Fireworks Chandeliers. So pretty!!

How awesome are these centerpieces!

you could make cheap pomander balls, maybe use tissue paper to make flowers look more realistic. And if it's hanging from the ceiling, people wont be able to tell that it's fake flowers.

Use dollar store glasses, rubber bands, and spray paint to make beautiful candle holders.

DIY Hanging Flower Ball - I don't normally like carnations but they're CHEAP and might be great for the reunion...

Idea for hanging string balloon

Cover balloon with modge podge, cover in layers of confetti, seal with mod podge, pop balloon, cut and ta-da! diy confetti vase!

hanging roses.

String Balloon Tutorial

Grab a coffee can, stamp a design onto burlap, wrap the can and voila! You've got an upscale vase. Very cute

LOVE these string balls with votives and some small flowers for a centerpiece

Get your party on with these bold statement balloons! 12" balloons Designed by Flair Exchange LLC