Alex Pettyfer this guys a hottie from top to bottom . And his British accent is so sexy 😋

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Jesse Williams - Jackson Avery from Grey's Anatomy. He has the most beautiful eyes

Alex Watson

Say Hello To Emma Watson's Brother, Alex

VMAN 22 Hollywood's next bad boy


Legendary Mario Testino shots up and coming actor Alex Pettyfer for the double cover of latest VMAN magazine. Alex has appeared in two Burberry

Chace Crawford

How to use the different types of men’s hair styling products?

After six years of playing Manhattan rich kid Nate Archibald, Chace Crawford has said goodbye to Gossip Girl. 'It was like leaving college, just without a degree': Chace Crawford reflects on the end of Gossip Girl as he models for Mr Porter.

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Image result for Alex McLaughlin

Не слушай толпу!  Очень часто от людей которые не решаются открыть свое дело слышишь: все уже поделено и везде все схвачено и лезть уже нет смысла. Однако в 99% случаев это далеко не так.  Ученые провели эксперимент с обезьянами. В углу клетки были подвешены бананы но мартышек пытающихся их схватить обливали водой. При этом холодный душ устраивали не только той обезьяне которая отправлялась за едой но и всем ее сородичам. С третьего-четвертого обливания любая обезьяна потянувшаяся за бананом…

I seriously think Ryan Gosling should play Christian Grey in Fifty Shades movies! White linen unbuttoned shirt and all! He's def hot enough :) drooling.

Alex Pettyfer as Jax. I just love this guy. Foster - ill show you my inspiration picture from when I started the novel.

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For people who says that Alex Pettyfer should be Jace, and Jamie sucks, over and over again: Did you even saw how Alex looks NOW? He looks like this: Do you really think this men should play our Jace?

Alex Pettyfer - Photographer Unknown - - Fashion - Luxury - High Fashion - High-End - Men omg its wonder-boy Rhys!