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Siberia 24 pieces

Mosaic Trader USA offers a wide selection of quality mosaic materials at hard to beat prices.

Spring Leaves

Spring Leaves

Grinder Accessories.  I cannot imagine glass crafting WITHOUT one of these; it's one of my most indispensible tools!

I cannot imagine glass crafting WITHOUT one of these; it's one of my most indispensible tools!

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/491455935/turquoise-blue-ocean-wave-fused-stained

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop

季節遅れの「桜箱」 ピンク色のガラスを貰いましたので急遽「桜の花びら」をデザインした 「箱」を作ってみました。 ステンドグラスの手法としては、桜の花びらの間もガラスで埋めるので すが、あえて隙間を作った蓋にしてみまし..


季節遅れの「桜箱」 ピンク色のガラスを貰いましたので急遽「桜の花びら」をデザインした 「箱」を作ってみました。 ステンドグラスの手法としては、桜の花びらの間もガラスで埋めるので すが、あえて隙間を作った蓋にしてみまし..

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fused glass - Google Search

fused glass plate, mod flowers from julie gallery

Mosaic Trader UK - Vanuatu 56 pieces - Radiant Round

56 glass tiles, each in diameter and thick.

VIDGA Miter box  - IKEA

VIDGA Miter box, white

IKEA VIDGA Cutting box White Makes it easy to cut VIDGA curtain rails to the desired length.

Love My Art Jewelry: Sawing and piercing metal tutorial and tips

Jewelry Saws and Blades Demistified. Good article and this hand chart showing you what blade and drill bit sizes to use.

Video instructions for making your own kiln. This particular one can get hot enough to melt glass!

This is a video of my home made kiln. Watch and you could build your own metal melting machine. For every thing brand new Tank, Cement, Rod, Tube, Heat gun/h.

holly stained glass lampshade

holly stained glass lampshade- that is going to be gorgeous when it's done!

Love this mural at Shipe Park. #austin #publicart #hollibrown #pascalsimon

Hi, Pascal Simon and Holli Brown have completed the first section out of four for the mosaic mural at Shipe Park in Hyde Park.

How cool is this?  I bet some of your memories are much more expensive than diamonds.

A USB ring for us fashionable geeeekies

Mosaic Trader UK -  Smalti

Mosaic Trader UK - Smalti


58 Free Disney Fonts